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""But but but ITS SHARING!""

If your so caring about sharing, why don't you share some money to the people who did the work...

""But but but, my poorly drawn chart and cartoons say other wise!""

Going to video store, or rent store-  said store BUYS the game and then PAYS fee's for you to rent it.  Developer still profits.

Buying used games-  Game needs to be BOUGHT first before it becomes used.  Money goes towards the game shop which keeps it open to *gasp* get more games.  Developer still profits.

Flash games- Ad revenue is made based on the amount of views said game gets.  Developer still profits.

Piracy- Game gets ""leaked"" (stolen).  Mass torrent.  Developer makes no money whatsoever.

""BUT BUT BUT, I'm trying the game first then I will buy!""

No you won't.  The majority of people who steal don't buy the game.  House of the Dead Overkill says hello.

""But but but, I'm helping the developer by giving there game attention!""

Yeah your helping them all right.  I'm sure your going to chip in when they can't afford to make games anymore, help pay there rent, food, etc.  I mean you already show such sharing and generosity towards the developer by paying for there games....Wait a minute.

""But but but the publisher is evvvvvvvvvil""

So evil in fact they pay MILLIONS OF DOLLARS for these games to be made, those BASTARDS!  Which you steal....

""But but but your sig and avartar are pirated!""

Yes because pirated images are exactly the same as taking a 60 million dollar product, putting it on bittorent and not paying a cent.  When most images here are actually publicy released by the developer for free mass distrubtion.

Yep totally the same argument.