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twesterm said:
Khuutra said:

We used to do this - BengaBenga was particularly ruthless on this front - and I don't mind it as an idea. That's no excuse for headlines and articles perverting the dialogue, or people perpetuating ass-backwards sound bites (CARL).

Again: all for banning people who brag about their piracy. That's fine. But we should be clear and distinct that we're talking about copyright infringement and not theft.

Oh man, when I was mod, I was constantly wanting to ban people that admitted to pirating.  If ioi would have let me I would have an absolute blast in this thread and hand out permabans with no remorse what-so-ever.  I don't really understand why pirates come to a forum dedicated to the thing they're actively trying to destroy anyways.

You cannot actually believe the things that your fingers are committing indelibly to cyberspace.