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pezus said:
Kasz216 said:
pezus said:

Pirating>Buying used games


That is all

Not actually true.

While piracy has been shown to be negliagble when it comes to sales.

Used markets have been show to increase new sales and be a positive force in the market place.

I mean think about it... where did those used games come from?

People who bought the game new.... why did they buy the game new?  Partially because they knew when they were done with it they could sell it and put that money towards new games.

They could also have bought it used and then sold it, thus not giving the publisher any money.

Except... every used copy needs to have at one time been a new copy at some point.  Making that arguement a silly one.  If someone bought a used game and sold it back... they probably paid little for it, and got little back.

Which meant they wouldn't of bought it new in the firstplace.   Heck said game probably isn't even on the shelves anymore at this point.