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phinch1 said:
Zkuq said:
Galaki said:

For those still can't understand,

QFT. I can totally see why people don't like piracy but not liking something doesn't make it any worse than it actually is. If I hit A, does it mean I tried to kill A? No, most likely not. They are both wrong but they aren't the same thing.

Nomad Blue said:
Silver-Tiger said:

No, pirating is NOT stealing:


I do not condone piracy, but this whole "Piracy is thief!" is getting on my nerves.

Why isn't it theft?  Is it theft if you walk out of a shop with some CDs/DVDs/Video games that you haven't paid for?

Because when you pirate a game, the retailer will still be able to sell the game and make some money. When you steal a game, the retailer will NOT be able to sell it anymore.

The retailer then gets a smaller audience to sell to, if people know they can get it for free it make it a lot harder for retailers to sell the game, heck they might not even sell it, at the end of the day it is stealing, you have a developers product and you havnt paid for it

That's not actually true.  People are socialized to WANT to consume.  Time and time again when given the choice of paying what they consider a fair price and doing something illegal, people ALWAYS pick the fair price.

Generally economic studies show the vast majority of piracy sales go to people who also consume the most, and likely weren't going to buy the stuff they pirated. 

The only real economic issue of piracy is if it brings down what people see as a fair price.