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Zlejedi said:
SpartenOmega117 said:

I tried pirating once and i was not able to enjoy the game at all. Never pirated again.

While excuses about pirating are funny, this myth is even more rediculus than whatever pirates come with.

And doubly so in the era when half of pc games sell through digital download.

I'm... confused... what's the myth your talking about?  That he pirated a game once then didn't like it?

Truth is, if you pirate something there is a VERY good chance you aren't going to enjoy it as much as if you paid for it yourself... for at least 3 distinct reasons.


1) Cognitive Dissonance.  Say someone is given the choice between a blue backpack and a red backpak... and they don't care, they like both backpacks equally, and on a whim, the guy picks Red.   In one year, you will find that the person who picked red will like Red backpacks more, and furthermore will dislike blue backpacks.  Give someone the ability to have any backpack at anytime... this won't happen. 

2) Value.  Paying for something rather then taking it for free (assuming you can pay) shows you value it more.  You make 20 dollars an hour and bought something for 60 bucks?  That was 3 hours of your life right their, what you bought is worth 3 hours of you life.  If you downloaded it?  What's that worth?   Like 10 minutes of your time, off screen, while you did other stuff.  (Or hours if you have a bad internet connection, but you get the point.)

3) With an infinite number of games, most of which aren't going to be great, you'll tend to go more towards trying more new stuff, that's going to probably be less stellar, and focus less on going back and enjoying your favorites.