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radiantshadow92 said:
oniyide said:

I have a SNES, NES, GENESIS and 32x emulator. I know, "you bastard thats what WiiWare is for" well some of those games arent on WiiWare so whats a guy to do. Pay those insane Ebay prices???

To this day i don't understand why anyone would even play those games. I understand maybe one or two games. But not libraries of games from the old days. Thats just cwwaaaazy. 

I did my emu collection in 98.... The main point for me was actually fanslation... that's how I played FFV and that's how I hoped to play DQ6 (though the project took very long and I didn't follow the end of it).

Good old days of telephone modem downloads at 15 kb/s

That and there were awsome jap games not releasing in EU.