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Zkuq said:
Galaki said:

For those still can't understand,

QFT. I can totally see why people don't like piracy but not liking something doesn't make it any worse than it actually is. If I hit A, does it mean I tried to kill A? No, most likely not. They are both wrong but they aren't the same thing.

Nomad Blue said:
Silver-Tiger said:

No, pirating is NOT stealing:


I do not condone piracy, but this whole "Piracy is thief!" is getting on my nerves.

Why isn't it theft?  Is it theft if you walk out of a shop with some CDs/DVDs/Video games that you haven't paid for?

Because when you pirate a game, the retailer will still be able to sell the game and make some money. When you steal a game, the retailer will NOT be able to sell it anymore.

The retailer then gets a smaller audience to sell to, if people know they can get it for free it make it a lot harder for retailers to sell the game, heck they might not even sell it, at the end of the day it is stealing, you have a developers product and you havnt paid for it