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Dinomax said:

His right, there is no excuse. 

Your living in an era where games can be delivered to your door to rent,  you can get cheaper games via direct download for minimal money or even now import from other countrys for much less than your countrys pricing as well.

But like the anime industry, people think there supporting the artists or animators or the industry by taking there work, putting it on the net and not giving back any money at all.  It is stealing you are a thief.  Open your wallet and pay your keep bitch.

""But but but I'm a pirate!""

Pirates had the balls to steal in person.  You don't. 

I think that's the point of the debate. They may be labelled with the tag thief. We can say they're theives till we are blue in the face.

In the eyes of the law however, they are no more than copyright infringers.

If it really grates do something constructive about getting the law changed.