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Maelstrome said:

yes i pirate. i dont care if its unethical or damaging. i dont defend it. i just state my reasons for pirating. if i have extra cash to throw at something  then i will. if i dont have the money ill pirate it. its very easy to get away with. like the other said, if i can get away with something that i want to do,then by all means i will do so. there are a few select individuals i would end if i could get away with it scott free. call me unmoral, evil, or what have you. i genuinely do not care. personally i hope the industry collapses entirely then starts over. then again i also wish the whole planet would be devastated whether i survive or not does not matter.

keep in mind im not really a hateful individual, im not depressed, or live a bad life. im not lonely or the product of a broken home.

@bolded  Was any of that necessary?  All you showed was that you're over-dramatic and have the ability to add useless stuff to a post.

I gotta say I miss pirating.  It was much cheaper but once I got a steady income I no longer had any way to justify it, even though being broke doesn't justify being a pirate, but it was a good enough excuse for me. it's amazing what a broke person can justify.