rocketpig said:
VAMP said:
IMO, even though I've only been through about half of it, this was my GOTY for 2007.

See, this is where I disagree terribly and I've heard a few people say it on this forum.

Uncharted is a good game, as are many others released this year. I don't think it can hold a candle to the atmosphere in BioShock, the gameplay of SMG (which, admittedly, I have very limited time with), or just one great mechanic like the climbing and jumping in Assassin's Creed.

Uncharted does many things well but overall, one gets a lot of "been there, done that" from the game. Almost every good element has been directly ripped from another game and the story feels like Indiana Jones 5, except not quite as much fun and with Nazi zombies from Wolfenstein instead of the real deal. Nothing in this game gives me the feeling that it deserves any kind of award, much less GoTY.

That doesn't mean it's not a good game, I think it is. I just get this nagging feeling the entire time that Naughty Dog basically cut and paste nearly everything in the game and brought nothing original to the table.

 That's actually a really fair assessment of the game.  The only thing I would add is that even with all the copying (and I should remind everyone that part of good game design is copying what others did right) the didn't even copy everything well.  The cover system is pretty bad and, eh, it's just bad.  I'm too tired tonight to go into detail about that and the other problems.