RolStoppable said:
Legend11 said:
GTAIV by a lot. I can't believe some people honestly think SSBB will sell more, LOL.

The last time you said this, I suggested a bet for lifetime sales and you backed out. Also, if you would have that much faith in GTAIV, you would have been willing to bet SSBB vs. GTAIV 360 version only. But you even rejected SSBB vs. both versions.

You were also laughing that people were saying that Super Mario Galaxy would manage to have higher lifetime sales than Halo 3. You were calling Galaxy a flop after first week sales, you created at least two troll topics to bash Galaxy. But how do you think now about the idea that Galaxy will beat Halo 3? Galaxy is showing enormous legs, while Halo 3 is mostly living off of its big opening week. Galaxy will eventually overtake Halo 3.

GTAIV vs. Brawl will be similar. GTAIV will have bigger first week sales, but SSBB will have the much better legs, eventually overtaking the combined sales of both GTAIV versions. Why am I so sure about this? Because the videogames market is currently making a transition and will soon become synonymous with Nintendo again. Nintendo's franchises will reclaim enormous popularity and sell ridiculous amounts of copies. And what's SSBB? A compilation of Nintendo's biggest franchises, a game with characters recognized by pretty much everyone. This game is going to sell for a very long time.

The bet: SSBB lifetime sales will be higher than the lifetime sales of GTAIV for 360 and PS3 combined. The loser will be banned for a month and will have to keep the outcome of this bet in his signature forever.

After at most two years of both games being on the market it should be possible to draw a clear conclusion which of the games is going to end up with higher lifetime sales. So once it can be said for certain which game is going to sell more in the end, the bet comes due. 

How much competition did Halo 3 have?  First person shooters like Call of Duty 4, Bioshock, The Orange Box, etc... What did Galaxy have for competition on the Wii?  Umm....... I'm drawing the blank...  The competition is very fierce on the 360 for hardcore games.  On the Wii there're like one or two big hardcore games released every 6 months if that.  And it's the same for SSBB, basically there will only be a few games to even compete with it (SMK comes to mind) while on the 360 and PS3 GTAIV is going to have to face many expensive high quality first, second, and third party titles. 

Betting on lifetime sales is ridiculous because we won't find out the outcome for years.  So I tell you what, lets make a real man's bet...  6 or 8 month sales.. You decide..  And of course we have to up the stakes for real men.. LIFETIME ban for the loser.  It doesn't matter if the loser makes up a new account because there will still be the satisfaction of knowing that they were owned out of their previous one.  So what do you say?  6 months? 8?

And no worries if you don't want to take the bet, sometimes people talk the talk but don't want to walk the walk.  I have no doubts that GTAIV will outsell SSBB, none.