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"The Wii is doomed"

Something I've seen spread over the Internet over the past few months. Not just on this site, or other forums, but on respected news channels. Heck, even BBC news said it. 

But is it really doomed? There's no doubt that it could, and should, be selling better than it is, and IGN may have just found the solution:

The worrying thing is, that all 7 of those things mentioned in the article could, very easily, be implemented by Nintendo for next to no money. And we'd all be partying like it's 2008.

But this is Nintendo. Let's not forget that. They never released Earthbound. Why would they TLS?

At any rate, here's what I hope Nintendo do this year:


  • Publicise the Wii shop Channel more
  • Improve online performance
  • Strike deals with 3rd party developers for more exclusives (Goldeneye and MHtri last year, and Conduit 2 this year are good signs!)
  • Localise TLS, Xenoblade and Tales Of Graces for Wii in the EU 
  • More certain digital-only games retail releases
  • Make a HD update/redesign
  • Drop the price
  • Localise TLS, Xenoblade and Tales of Graces for Wii in the EU
  • Get Dragon Quest X out the door in Japan and get a localisation quick-fast!
  • Bring back the Player's choice series at a discount
  • Add a HDD for the re-release, or an attachment (seriously, we need to use those USB ports!)
  • Bring back classic Nintendo franchises, such as Starfox, F-Zero and Earthbound, but "tease" them around about now. That way people will hold onto their Wiis in hope
Just a thought. I reckon it can be done, and Nintendo can double weekly sales by doing these. But will they? What do you reckon?
Well, I've crossed out the things which Nintendo have done with the Wii. Xenoblade is coming over and ToG:F was confirmed earlier, so TLS over here almost seems a given
I've seen some adverts for the Wii Shop channel, and I haven't before...
And the online seems faster, maybe new servers?


Here lies the dearly departed Nintendomination Thread.