VonShigsy said:
The Fury said:

Moondragon was always a popular extra character to include in books and Silver Surfer, while not big enough to hold his own book nowadays, is still huge and a true Marvel powerhouse. Many of those characters were once A List, yet I feel they've been relegated to one off yearly specials away from their usual connections with it's own disconnection to Marvel Earth. As though the earth based characters care little for their friends out in the cosmos. Xavier being a very obvious one.

You do seem to know more about the cosmic events then me, I only having read Annihilation (not conquest) but I heard about goings on in the books. The lastest one being very odd in my mind, not knowing what occured obviously.

There was a scene in Nova (the series) where he returns to Earth after the Annihlation War and Tony Stark tries to make him a registered hero. They talk, and Tony says he heard vaguely something about the event, because he had Civil War (the fight between superheroes) to deal with. Nova rips him a new one that millions have died and he only "heard" about it? No wonder everybody wants to invade Earth, humans are Jackasses.

It is definitely true that Earth and humans play as weird placement in the Marvel Universe. Significant worlds and systems like the Kree, Shi'ar and Skrull, have gone through a lot recently all which is seemingly ignored by Marvel Earth which has somehow avoided the main brunt of the turmoil.  Even with Secret Invasion, the Annihilation event was only really mentioned upon once although only by the Skrulls and it gave them more need to spur them on.

Of course at the time, Tony's own arrogance was off the chart.

More recently in Avengers, Medusa went to meet the other Illuminati and not Black Bolt, in mentioning that her husband was dead as to why she was there, Reed Richards seems to apologise once and leave it at that, even though Black Bolt is a good friend of his. The Inhumans were Earth residents once and even they have been forgotten by other humans.

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