Also, the occasional Anime death makes me sad.  Like the Dad in Deathnote, and there was another Anime I was real angry at that right at the end seemed to kill off a bunch of people I liked for no reason.  Cripes I can't quite remember the name of it though because a lot of anime's blur together.  Hughes from Full Metal Alchemist.

American Cartoons, not so much because they rarely kill people, and with comics... people ALWAYS come back.

With the exception of like.. Lian Harper... who I half feel was killed off simply because it was starting to get inconvient when she eventually had to grow up, and it screws with the timelines.


It's why i'm sad the Ultimate universe stalled, as much as I wasn't really a fan.

It was great when DC brought back the "Golden Age" characters during the "Silver Age" because they had Silver age characters... which meant anything could happen to the Golden age characters... and it'd stick!


Bruce Wayne died... and that was it.  Dick took over...  and that was it.  There was Silver age Batman, so Golden Age Batman was fine.


I feel that's how comic books should work honestly... you develop your characters... the results are real, and then 10-20 years down the line, create a second "reboot" universe.   Then 10-20 years later create another reboot universe and retire the  classic universe... since all the collectors of that universe will be like... 70 anyway.


As it is, when I do spend money to read comics, I almost always get What-Ifs, Alternate Universe stories and "Small" books like the Deadshot book and Secret Six... because it's less likely stuff will get retconned and they're more willing to make real changes cause the editors don't give a damn.