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X-men titles are overcrowded with mutants, so you can off them quite easy without consequences. Although i miss that fuzzy bastard.. Cosmic Marvel on the other side. (From Annihilation and so.) handled quite well deaths and returns creating quite an epic saga. It depends on the story if a death is meaningful.

Edit: Heroes are owned by the companies , not their creators. And just read Death of Captain Marvel by Jim Starlin or Silver Surfer:Reqviem to see how death can forward good stories.

In the case of X-men, it does feel like they kill for the sake of the story not because it matters. In exchange for some of the best characters X-men has ever received (some worthy of actually being called heroes) we get a reject character by Whedon, a Wolverine ripoff without male reproductive organs (aka Murder Girl) and countless other useless 'kids'.

In Cosmic, I'm not just disappointed by the choice of deaths they have done but the number is so vast, it's starting to get silly. Moondragon died only to come back to life to see her girlfriend die too, I mean come on. 

Stories around death can be great and if written well and their sacrifice just then I'm all for it but the current climate of deaths is not something I approve of.

I don't know, I liked the Moondragon/Martyr storyline. It did flex their character a besided the "obligatory lesbian superheroines" that every comic company owns. And the whole point of Guardians of the Galaxy was that when c-list superheroes tackle Cosmic threats, death is on the table every moment. Otherwise those characters would have remained forgotten in obscurity.

Moondragon was always a popular extra character to include in books and Silver Surfer, while not big enough to hold his own book nowadays, is still huge and a true Marvel powerhouse. Many of those characters were once A List, yet I feel they've been relegated to one off yearly specials away from their usual connections with it's own disconnection to Marvel Earth. As though the earth based characters care little for their friends out in the cosmos. Xavier being a very obvious one.

You do seem to know more about the cosmic events then me, I only having read Annihilation (not conquest) but I heard about goings on in the books. The lastest one being very odd in my mind, not knowing what occured obviously.

There was a scene in Nova (the series) where he returns to Earth after the Annihlation War and Tony Stark tries to make him a registered hero. They talk, and Tony says he heard vaguely something about the event, because he had Civil War (the fight between superheroes) to deal with. Nova rips him a new one that millions have died and he only "heard" about it? No wonder everybody wants to invade Earth, humans are Jackasses.

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