The Fury said:
amp316 said:

They better not replace Johnny with that stupid robot again.  Am I the only one that remembers the robot? 

Boy am I old...

You mean the original Human Torch? Or a different one?

I read comics, well, Marvel comic. But death in the MU has become redundent. Many characters can easily come back to life due to many amount of ways, as we've seen even with Cap. It's a shame as there are many characters killed nowadays to make stories good.

Recent 2nd Coming in X-men saw the death of 2 major characters and a few others as well. All needless and pointless because writers and editors cannot think of ways to make stories cool anymore. Their only solution is deaths. Meaningless ones at that.

X-men titles are overcrowded with mutants, so you can off them quite easy without consequences. Although i miss that fuzzy bastard.. Cosmic Marvel on the other side. (From Annihilation and so.) handled quite well deaths and returns creating quite an epic saga. It depends on the story if a death is meaningful.


Edit: Heroes are owned by the companies , not their creators. And just read Death of Captain Marvel by Jim Starlin or Silver Surfer:Reqviem to see how death can forward good stories.

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