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I am just gonna say right now, why did you have to make this thread?... Anyways, weather or not Sony made a product that gamers will eventually prefer is up for debate, but I will say this. In the interests of Sony, the PS3 was an AWFUL idea. Reduced sales and severely inflated production costs. If Sony had made a system similar to the 360 they might have had just as high if not more people buying the system. They wouldn't lose 400 dollars per system and they wouldn't have lost so many must have exclusives. No matter which you prefered (360 graphics, or the Wii Gameplay) you would have wanted to get a PS3 also. Simply because it would have so many titles that you couldn't find anywhere else. Think of it this way. PS3 loses 400 per system now. manufacturing improvements made recently will take that cost down 100 dollars. In a years time they made it only put them in the hole 300 a system. And they might still have to make a price cut. so we could be back to 400-500 in the hole per system. Even when the system starts making money, they will have a long ways to go to make up the billions they lost at the start of the PS3. Look at the profits the Wii and DS are churning in. Do I need to link the DS image "it prints money"? Weather or not you believe that the PS3 offers a superior gaming experience you have to admit that in Sony's part, they messed up badly.