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HappySqurriel said:

Several years ago I thought that Episodic content was a fantastic idea, after all part of the reason games like Unreal Tournament were so interesting was that there was a constant flow of new (player generated) content; if a developer could keep a reasonably constant flow of interesting new content I wasn't all that conserned about spending money for it.

Things started to change as I heard how many developers planned to implement micro-transactions and episodic content ... Racing games with $2.50 cars,  RPGs charging $5 for horse armor and $10 for a 15 minute quest all started to seem like a way to screw over your dedicated fan base for a little extra money. I'm expecting that in the near future several games will become far more hostile towards player-generated content because it limits the potential profit for the developer.

To me, DLC is broken into two categories:

1. Crap


2. Not Crap

It's that simple. Horse armor? Crap. Charging for map packs? Crap. Adding significant content a la Crackdown? Not crap.

I don't mind paying extra for single player content that adds to the game. In fact, I like it. If they charged $10 for a 30 minute level of Gears, I'd buy it. And I'd probably replay it several times.

But charging for features like extra guns, armor, or even maps is complete bullshit. I stopped playing Gears online entirely because of that damned map pack and I used to invest 10 or more hours a week on it. You already got me for $60 when I bought the game, don't charge me for BS that should be free. Extra levels, good. I'll pay for them. But not a freakin' map. 

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