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So, at first glance it looks like we've overtracked PS360, either or both, in the range of 300k. But I delved into the figures given and it seems we're spot on to the nearest 10k.

Here is the link to all the data - http://www.gamasutra.com/view/news/32265/2010_Marks_Second_Consecutive_Year_Of_Sales_Decline_For_UK_Retail_Games_Market.php

Here are the important bits:

Xbox 360 led hardware revenue, generating £232 million ($361.6 million), edging out PlayStation 3's £229 million ($357 million) for the year.

Total combined unit sales for the two consoles was 2.3 million, flat compared to 2009. UKIE did not provide sales figures for Nintendo Wii or handhelds.

I believe Kinect and Move bundle revenue isn't counted here.

Here is what we have for 2010:

X360 - 1,600,000
PS3 - 975,000

So if we look at the revenue side of things, they have £230 million for the PS3.

PS3 only has one sku, £250.

At £250, £230 million revenue breaks down to 920,000 PS3's. So 55k less than we have.

Revenue for 360 is also £230 (rounded) but the 360 has 2 main skus, £150 and £200.

At £150, £230 million revenue breaks down to 1,400,000 360's. 220k less than we have.
At £200, £230 million revenue breaks down to 1,150,000 360's, 370k less than we have.

It's likely, been quoted as, and fair to say 360 sku sales are half and half, right down the middle. Putting the average 360 price at £175.

At £175, £230 million revenue breaks down to 1,275,000 360's, 245k less than we have.

If we look at both then PS3 figure and the mean £175 360 figure, consoles sold to make the 2.3 million arrives at 920k for the PS3 and 1.275k for 360, = 2.2 million. almost spot on, sales maybe 45%/55% for the 360.

So we arrive at 2.3 million without factoring in Kinect and Move bundles, which are £250 and £300 for respective 360 skus, and PS3 Move skus from £300 onwards.

360 sales from the week Kinect debuted to the end of the year stand at 650,000 for the 360. It's been widely reported in the U.S that half of the 360's sold over the Nov/Dec period were Kinect bundles. Due to the similarities to the U.S it's very much likely the same. So 325k of those 650k 360's sold were Kinect bundles. If we add that 325k to the 1,275k we got earlier .... we come to 1.6 mill. Spot on with our figures.

For those Kinect bundles to have been counted in the revenue, we would have to add £100 to 325k X360's sold, assuming 50% of the kinect bundles were 4GB and the other 50% 250GB. That would contribuit a total of £32,500,000 revenue to the £230 million.

So, we have £200 million revenue attribuited to non bundles consoles for the 360, at the mean £175 price this gives us 1,165m 360's plus the 325k totalling 1.5 mill for the 360, 100k short but given the 360 has 4 skus, it's not hard to imagin the cheaper skus did better than the more expensive ones, perhaps 55% to 45%.

For PS3, much like the U.S again, there have been reports Kinect bundles have outsold PSmove bundles 5:1. Given the circumstances surrounding Move and Kinect, with Move appealing more to the current userbase, and Kinect expanding to the blue ocean, this isn't really a surprise, most Move sales are standalone. So 1:5 of 325k is 65k. But PSmove did launch 6 weeks earlier than Kinect, so is PS move did 65k bundles in Nov/Dec it's likely it did around 35k in Sep/Oct (a smaller period as well as not having the holiday boost.) These 100k move bundles add on average £50 per PS3. So that's £5 million towards PS3's £230 million revenue. So £225 million of PS3's revenue was standalone PS3 HW.

£225 million revenue from standalone PS3's puts it at 900k units, plus 100k move bundles. A total of 1 million.

So combined with standalone and bundles we get 2.5/2.6 million consoles sold on the revenue given. However that doesn't match their 2.3 mill estimate, for the 2.3 mill estimate to be correct it only makes sense when you take away all Kinect and Move bundles, then it adds up to 2.3 mill perfectly AND the revenue matchs.

Furthermore, the same company report the 360 was only 50k behind the DS for 2010 sales. So to have 2 or 1 of the HD consoles overtracked, specifically 360, would have a knock on affect to all our UK data, and I don't see it all being off on this scale.

My good friend Squill also points out, this isn't chart track, so could be internal estimates, polling method used or such.