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Christopher, Your wrong. There is no stigma attached with buying, consuming, or using American products, regardless. If it was true that Japan was 100% xenophobes when it came to entertainment, and media, ect, then our American music artists wouldn't permiate their culture. The West (namely the United States) has permiated J-culture and the entirety of their life. They use our Ipods, they use our PCs. They do not use our 360s for the hundred stated reasons we've given. They won't buy a system that doesn't have games for their tastes. When games that are truely made for Japanese culture come out, the Xbox360, or western games that have Japanese-relevance to them, they sell very well. Blue Dragon has sold incredibly well for the # of systems that are available in Japan. DOA3 and 4 were the same. The issue isn't with the hardware, and the fact that it's Western, it's the fact that the system has too much western software, and not eastern. Don't believe me? Of the top 10 games for the 360, 9 are Japanese developed.

Back from the dead, I'm afraid.