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Cipherr said:
Vengi said:
I think Wii sports is the greatest Ad in the history of gaming. I think the Wii wouldn't of sold quite as well at least not at first, no other game captures the casual crowd as well as Wii sports

Agreed. Wii Sports started the massive mainstream press attention Nintendo got. Bucketloads of free publicity. Bucketloads.

I think that the comment about Wii being just two GC duct taped together would hold much more water without Wii Sports.  Wii Sports was just a great tech demo that demonstrated the paradigm shift that is the wiimote.  It demonstrated how natural actions translate into gameplay.  without it, only the Zelda crowd would go for it.  Seeing as Zelda only sold just over a million, I'd estimate < 3 million for the first 6 months.