So... no one PM'd me that they'd like the game to end, and two folks have said here they'd like it to continue, but in spite of all that this year's averaging out to about ten posts per real day, a fifth of which are by me.  This is true notwithstanding the presence of seventeen (17) active players, all but one of whom has logged on recently. 


I write all this to explain why theRepublic and I have decided to change the rules a bit.  Starting in 72 hours (Friday, 6 PM Pacific time), we will begin handing out modkills like they're roofies at a rave.  This should lower the voting bar, and thus end this game sometime before Summer.

In order to avoid getting modkilled, players must maintain a good faith effort at playing the game.  I think we can all agree this is a low bar to set: we're not asking that you devote your life to the game, or that you make at least X number of posts per day.  Instead, we ask that you play the game.  Lurking, parroting, and going off-topic don't count as playing, but pretty much everything else does.  Note that zexen is immune to this rule for the next two weeks, for obvious reasons, although he can still be lynched/murdered/etc.

I'd also like to emphasize "maintain." The first modkills will start in 72 hours, but if we get a sense that folks are slacking off after that time we won't hesitate to modkill.  There will not be any other warning or fanfare beyond this post.


I know some people here think it's okay for them to lurk because they don't have any particular ideas, or because everything they want to say has already been said.  I'd like to inform those folks that that mindset is complete and utter bullshit; as an individual human I can guarantee that there is some original thought lurking in your skull, and I can promise you that your participation will contribute to the game, even if you feel otherwise. 

But, assuming you are, in fact, the most unoriginal, slow, boring person on the planet, and that EVERYTHING you want to say has already been said, verbatim, several times over, remember that you still have the ability, nay, the duty to lobby others' votes!  Look to see who's voting differently than you are, and do what you can to sway them to your side.  Or find someone who thinks differently, and debate him!  Really, the options here are endless.  So, no excuses folks: you signed up to play because you thought you'd have fun playing, so give it a go and see if you're right!

This concludes our peptalk/announcement/warning.  I hope everyone enjoys the rest of the game, and that we won't have to modkill anyone else.  But we will if we must.