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I agree with omgwtfbbq: the reality is that your favorite company doesn't care about you. They care about profits, period. If they can deceive or cheat you to get more profits, and if they can do it in such a way that you're happy, they will. From everything I've read here, it's pretty clear that Sony has nearly 2 million unsold PS3s sitting in wear houses, which they seem to consider a point of transit. As of March 31st, they sold to retailers (their customers -- we are the retailer's customers) 3.6 million PS3s, which is about 600,000 that retailers had on their selves. This makes perfect sense and the numbers appear to line up with what we've seen. I don't think Sony could manage to sell more than 2 million units to retailers that were unsold to customers. Microsoft accomplished this, but their system is 50% cheaper and the rumor was that they used Vista as leverage against some retailers. Take that with a grain of salt, of course.