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I think you seem to have a mistaken impression that the world is generally a just and fair place and that people are clever and intelligent and won't put up with crap. I agree with what you say. I really do. The problem is that companies treat consumers like sheep to be herded because consumers ACT like sheep to be herded. Sony fucks their customers over again and again and again. Microsoft are one of the most disgusting companies in the world. Every time I read a press release from one of their executives I can barely breathe from the slimyness of their speech and the cloud of FUD they exude with every word they utter. I refuse to be a sheep for these corporations, and I haven't purchased a single Microsoft or Sony product in over a year now. But Sony is still a huge company making billions, and people are still saying how they're a great reliable company who never let them down. People are praising Microsoft and their Xbox business, and still using Windows and buying into Vista. The day that consumers stop acting like sheep will be the day that companies stop treating them like sheep.

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