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Here we go again boys and girls, it's the official April 2007 NPD thread. The numbers are due tonight at the normal time, I will edit this post when we get them.

Let's make this the biggest build up thread yet. How much will DS and Wii manage to sell - did they get big shipments in? Will PS3 be below 100k? How will 360 elite and PSP price cut get on? Will Pokemon be number 1 (has to be a cert) - how about Paper Mario, Spider-Man 3?

How close will VG Chartz be this month?

What are your expectations, fears, worries, what would be a success / failure, will Bunkum arrive and spill the goods here first, will there be tears, tantrums, arguments and fights?

This is your last chance to enter any predictions before the numbers are out so go for it and may the force be with you all !!!!!!