d21lewis said:
60's Batman created "The Bat-Tusi" dance.  That makes him the definitive Batman.

And the manga may not be real canon.  I don't know.  Who knows what crazy shit goes on with Nintendo continuity.  All I know is that when the games weren't able to portray Samus with any sort of personality, the manga was the earliest attempts to fill in the blanks.  So, when Samus has post traumatic stress disorder, is obssessed with a baby Metroid, or something like that that's already been shown as part of her character, I'm willing to accept it a little more.

This is not true. There were earlier semi-official comics that filled in the blanks in completely different ways. They were discarded as canon by later games in the same way Metroid Prime has been discarded recently.

Also, her characterization in Other M is not even consistent with the manga. In the manga she got over her fear of Ripley long before the events in Other M.


And this is ignoring the fact that the manga has been read by less than a percent of Metroid players and you weren't even given a hint of anything relating to Samus' relation to Ridley before the offending scene kicks the popular idea of Samus into the ground.


On topic: Nope.

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