TruckOSaurus said:
LordTheNightKnight said:

"Throughout the "Iwata Asks" interview there was mention of the core concept of "an NES game with the latest technology" and while I haven't played too many NES games myself, I wonder if this concept also contributed to the smaller scope of the game..."

NES games were not smaller scope. Metroid 1 is a massive game. So was Zelda1 and 2. Mario 3 is still one of the biggest platformer games ever.

Perhaps is it the perception of smaller scope that was the problem here.

I agree with you on Zelda and Mario 3 (without the whistles) but the first Metroid can be finished in 45 minutes.

Why are you assuming game completion time is the same as scope?

A flashy-first game is awesome when it comes out. A great-first game is awesome forever.

Plus, just for the hell of it: Kelly Brook at the 2008 BAFTAs