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most of the fighting seems to come from the definition of "customers". To a company such as Sony, the customer is not the consumer, but the retailer. Therefore "sold to customers" means "sold to retailers" and not "sold to consumers". The truth is no company knows "sold to consumers", and no company states "sold to consumers" numbers because quite simply that number is almost impossible to track. Any number Sony could say for "sold to consumers" would just be an estimate and would be no more or less accurate than VGCharts. Of course, they will have numbers for Sold to retailers, because that's where they make their sale. The same goes for all three companies, sold only ever means "sold to retailers". So basically 5.5 million PS3's have left the doors of the manufacturing plant, 3.6 million PS3's have arrived at stores, and approx 3 million have been bought by consumers and are sitting in living rooms. This doesn't look too good for Sony, if sales continue at their current pace it will take them about 8 months just to go through their current inventory (of course, it's ridiculous to say that sales will continue at their current pace, but I would be very surprised if Sony has sold their current stack of PS3's by the time holiday season hits

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