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Sir Cedric said:

albionus said:

Something to consider, if I recall (and I'm going by memory so I could easily be mistaken) the Dreamcast and GameCube both had to halt production after they had only sold, to consumers to make it clear to certain folk, 5-6 million with 5-6 million consoles in various warehouses. 6 months in and Sony is half way to that situation.

"January 25, 2001 - Sony Corp announced on Thursday that it expects to ship a total of nine million PlayStation 2s by the end of the current business year that ends on March 31, 2001, which is down from its previous forecast of 10 million units. This shipment reduction, however, will not affect the North American market according to PR representatives at Sony Computer Entertainment America. SCEA still expects to meet its target of three million units shipped in North America by March 31."                            

I'm not sure what the point of that is.  If it bore some relationship to what I said I'd like to know.