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Bodhesatva said:
konnichiwa said:
rocketpig said:
Wait, let me change that console estimate: I predict that MS will sell 16k units in the TWO weeks after Forza hits. The third week is Trusty Bell. That will blow up the 360.

I am not sure about it but Trusty bell will release also on PS3.

 Still listed here: as an XBox360 exclusive (the Japanese name is now Eternal Sonata). Do you have evidence of this? 

Oh on gametrailers it was stated like this:  Platforms: X360/PS3.

 When I search for it now it is stated like this: Platforms X360.

 Sorry my bet ^^''

In fact I am not up to date about this game I only downloaded the trailer last week and it was stated like that it was

not exlcusive.