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nordlead said:
Beuli2 said:
DarkCronos said:

2011 isn't looking to be as great as 2010 was, but hopefully Zelda:SS, De Blob 2, Conduit 2, Kirby and the Udraw tablet will be more than enough to keep me busy until the e3... then i hope they'll announce something really good for the second half of the year... and we NEED an official confirmation that Xenoblade is coming.

It already has been confirmed:

Not even looking at that thread, NOA calls it Monado (the original anounced name) and they've had it in their release schedule since it was announced at E3. I believe The Last Story needs to be announced for NA though.

While not announced officially, Nintendo did trademark "The Last Story" in the US.  I'm pretty sure both it and Xenoblade are coming over (eventually).

Now, if only Nintendo would allow Atlus (or anyone) to license Reginliev and Trace Memory R... and do a 2nd round of NPC releases so I can get Pikmin 2! :/