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nordlead said:

Out of the games you have listed I'm interested in Zelda, The Last Story, and Xenoblade (the rest are out this year in NA). Pikmin 3 won't be out in 2011. Miyamoto was essentially strong armed into saying "we are working on pikmin" which really means nothing. I haven't heard anything since so I have no reason to believe it is a 2011 title.

I'm sure there will be a lot of other titles for 2011 too, as 2010 looked really grim for a while and now there are a ton of games I want to get (the same could be said about every previous year too).

Miyamoto did say they are 'well into development' for pikmin 3. I'd like to think that suggests a a possible end of the year release.  Looking at that lineup thus far it would make quite a bit of sense to have Pikmin3 close it out. If Pikmin 3 is the 2012 swan song I hope Miyamoto is hard at work at the new IP he's hinted at.