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a.l.e.x59 said:

Currently, Xbox 360 is dominating the console market with just over 10 million units. Wii is in second place with 7 million units. And Playstation 3 is in last place with just over 3 million units.

However, in Japan, Xbox 360 is doing horribly. Even Sega Saturn beat Xbox, Xbox 360, Nintendo 64, and Sega Dreamcast in Japan. Don't underestimate the power of the Sega Saturn. That thing did very well in Japan. It was even beating the PS1 and PS2 for a while.

There have been many complaints on the Playstation 3. More so than the Xbox 360. However, even with all of the complaints on the Playstation 3, does it still compete with the Xbox 360? Will it beat the Xbox 360 in sales? Only the future can tell us.


The 20 GB Playstation 3 costs $499, and the 60 GB Playstation 3 costs $599. The Xbox 360 Core costs $299. The Xbox 360 Premium costs $399. And the Xbox 360 Elite costs $479. Most people would choose the Xbox 360 to win in the price battle. However, just because the Xbox 360 is cheaper than the Playstation 3, doesn't mean that you're getting a better deal.

For example, a $300 Playstation 2 is not going to be a better deal than a $400 Xbox 360, because Playstation 2s are only worth about $130 brand new. Is this the same with the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3?

Well, a standard Blu-Ray player costs about $800.00. The Playstation 3's Blu-Ray player is better quality than most, standard Blu-Ray players, and about $200 cheaper. Not only that, but Blu-Ray is only one feature that the Playstation 3 has to offer. Sony loses about $400 on each system. That means, when you buy a Playstation 3 for retail price, you are getting an amazing deal. Since when in history are you getting a good deal when you buy retail?

Microsoft loses some money on each Xbox 360, but not as much. HD DVD players are cheaper than Blu-Ray players, and Xbox 360s don't even include a built in HD DVD player. You have to buy a seperate unit for $199. I don't know if the Xbox 360 Elite includes a built in HD DVD player, but I do know that the Xbox 360 premium doesn't. Therefore, a brand new Xbox 360 premius ($399) plus an HD DVD player ($199) is going to equal the same price as a 60 GB Playstation 3. Because Blu-Ray is better than HD DVD, because the Playstation 3 is more advanced than the Xbox 360, and because Sony loses more money on each system than the Xbox 360, technically, you are getting a better deal when buying a Playstation 3.

However, even though you are getting a better deal with the Playstation 3, would you want to?

For example, lets say you come across a brand new Atari 2600 for $300, and it's worth $800. Would you rather buy it, or pay $50 for a used NES worth $30? Well, most people would rather have the NES, and not care about the brand new Atari 2600. This may be the case with the Playstation 3. You are getting a better deal with more advanced hardware, and Blu-Ray technology, you don't need, or not even want.


There is never a fact that determines one system, looking nicer than another. It will always be a personal opinion. However, I personally like the PS3s design better than the Xbox 360s. The shiny material really looks elegant. However, the material scratches twice as easily as the Wii's, and looks worse, since scratches show up more on black material, rather than white. Xbox 360 Elite does look very nice. The material doesn't scratch, so a 10 year old, used Xbox 360 Elite will look nicer than a 10 year old, used Playstation 3. In fact, I fear the worst for Playstation 3s, when they're sitting in a box, in the corner of a pawn shop. By then, they would have collected so many fingerprints, dirt, and scratches, that they would look much worse than a severely used iPod Nano. And since the PS3 is so big, that only means more room for more scratches. But at the end, a brand new Playstation 3, even thought it might look like a grill (pretty small grill), looks nicer. At least I personally think so.


Currently, Xbox 360 games are showing better graphics than Playstation 3 games. However, in a year or so, if Playstation 3 isn't showing better graphics with its Blu-Ray technology, than it's safe to declare "Game Over" for Sony. The Playstation 3 was built for graphics. It's one of the only things that PS3 has, or should have had, that Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii don't. Xbox 360 has the games. Nintendo Wii has the controllers. Playstation 3 has, or should have had, the graphics. I am sure that the Playstation 3's games will show significantly better graphics than the Xbox 360 in the future. At least, I hope so.


Xbox 360 currently has the best reviewed games out there. With Gears of War, Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter, Dead Rising, Call of Duty 2, and many other games that got reviews of 80% or more, the Playstation 3, currently doesn't have a chance. Just wait for Halo 3 to come out. In second place, we have the Wii. Many websites chose Twilight Princess as "Game of the Year." Wario Ware Smooth Moves, and Super Paper Mario also got very good reviews. Playstation 3, on the other hand, has Resistance: Fall of Man. Hmmm... Motor Storm? (Just an ordinary racing game, but lacking multiplayer. An extreme no-no for games of today). Hmmm... Virtua Fighter 5? (That game belongs to Sega, not Sony. Never-the-less, it's your ordinary fighting game). What else, what else? Ridge Racer? No... Sorry... Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiidgeee Raaaaacerrrr... There we go. Yeah, but Ridge Racer is just another racing game with good graphics. Xbox 360 has many racing games and fighting games. The only great game on the Playstation 3 currently is Resistance: Fall of Man.


Xbox 360's controller has no "movement" technology like the Wii and PS3's controllers have, but at least it vibrates.
Playstation 3's controller has "movement" technology, like the Wii's, but more of a stripped down version. Also, it doesn't vibrate. And the controller is the same as last generations. Sony said "vibration is last generation." Like seriously, WTF? What kind of scam is this? You don't ditch last generation's technology for different technology. No, you have both. The wiimote has both, and its "movement" (sorry, I don't know the proper name) technology is far more advanced. Sony could have had both, yet they messed up... Again... Apparently, they had to remove it because of legal issues. That's just dumb. An entire "sense" (sense of touch) has been eliminated from the Playstation 3. There are only three senses in video games. If you remove an entire "sense," you remove an entire "experience." Although the sense of touch isn't anything like sight, or sound in video games, it's still very important. It gave video games that feeling of power. The feeling that you are actually playing a game. It also served as a good hand massager. Wii wins 1st place, followed by Xbox 360, and then Playstation 3. I thought the Boomerang controller looked cool.

The Playstation 3 has a chance in the future, but Sony keeps messing things up. Every day, the PS3's chance of survival is slowly fading away.

So what do you guys think the outcome will be?

You start off ok for once, but you slowly fade to more anti-PS3 crap. There are cheaper blu-ray players than the PS3 now, but I'll let that go since you actually were positive at that point.

Besides bad ports (especially F.E.A.R. which I was looking forward to), I'm not sure what games have worse graphics on the PS3 that you are talking about. So far the 360 only has Gears of War that is graphically better than what the PS3 has. Oblivion got a graphics enhancement from the 360 version, Sigma looks gorgeous, Motorstorm looks great, and Resistance (despite not looking as good as Gears which is unfortunate comparson for different games) looks really good as well, and doesn't lag online like Gears.

And then with the seemingly biased look at the games. Advanced Warfighter 2 will be on the PS3, just like Rainbow 6. Hopefully the developers know what they are doing unlike Day 1 Studios that did the 360 and PS3 ports of F.E.A.R. and don't seem to care about how to use the PS3 (They only did xbox mechassault before...hopefully their 360/PS3 game Fracture is more even in 2008). No mention of Oblivion for the PS3? It currently is the highest rated. Call of Duty 2? Really? Why do you list that game? Call of Duty 3 is on the PS3, even if it wasnt as highly rated as the now dated Call of Duty 2. Homecourt also received good ratings. I really like Ridge Racer, but Motorstorm could use some split-screen but that would sacrafice graphics apparently. That didn't stop them from having 12-player lag-free online play with rankings. Just have to get your friend a PS3 too.

And as has been stated in TOO MANY threads before: the PS3 has some great games coming. Lair, Advanced Warfighter 2, Rainbow 6, and Sigma this summer. Oh, and hopefully Warhawk. Heavenly Sword as well, and apparently a beta of Killzone 2.

It's just cute how you mention multi-platform games that are highly rated on the 360 but leave them out when looking at the PS3, and then criticize highly rated games for the PS3 because you apparently don't like them. To this day Ridge Racer is still the best racing game because I like it's racing style better than any other. For battle-racing I like Mario Kart if not Rock and Roll Racing (good ol' Blizzard). I'm not sure why people prefer the Gran Turismo (exclusive to PS3), but they do.

The PS3 has more games over 80% than the Wii btw. But whatever. We didn't really need another thread saying the same things we've all said before, but thanks alex, for your uneven analysis.