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NJ5 said:
Apollo said:
listen up, if you really make a comparitive analysis, both consoles match up pound for pound with each other. there is no clear advantage. the PS3's golden day at E3 has turned to dust! Floating points are only good for computing maths, not gaming. as shown by real world performance comparisons by developers who own both kits! Bluray is NOT needed to make better games, this is shown clarely by games like Call or Duty 3, its 7.4GB on the 360, but its 22GB on the PS3, but yet the PS3 is the worse version of the two, as said by Gamespot and IGN reviews. The memory system bandwidth in Xbox 360 exceeds the PS3's by five times. at E3 2005, Sony said the GPU's speed was 750mhz, then it was dropped to 700, then 6 months after that dropped to 550mhz, right now its the same speed as the ATI card in the Xbox all that noise and eye candy at E3 no means nothing. there's no cheering fans, or developers now, the dust has cleared, and this is the real world. Xbox 360 GPU design is more flexible and it has more processing power with an added 10mb buffer, other from that, both cards offer the same. at the same speed. if Bluray is Sony's only hope, them the PS3 is doomed! on a personal note, I saved up my money to buy a PS3, but after 6 months, the game are by far the worse out of the 3 consoles, and there not getting better any time after the next 3 months. when even with the launch of Kiilzone (in which the first game flopped) its launching in the window of Halo 3, what do you honestly think is going to happen to Killzone 2 in th face of Halo 3?....I'm not even going to comment on that. as pointed out above, there's no software advantage for Sony, and no hardware advantage either!...and right now, Sony deserves to be where they are now, and thats in last place!. at the end of the day you can talk up the PS3 all you want, the fact is not a lot of gamers are buying them. and the sales trends are getting smaller and shorter by the month!. in Europe PS3 sales are at a standstill.

At this moment, PS3's graphics are worse than those of the 360... Motorstorm, which is the only PS3 game I've seen live doesn't have anti-aliasing, which makes it look really crappy. The 10 MB EDRAM buffer in the 360 is there for something, which is to perform anti-aliasing with no performance penalty (at least in some resolutions).

Oh really?  Then why is Bungie not implementing anti-aliasing in Halo 3 that looks pretty bad so far?  When asked if they would, they stated something like "we'll see, we're not sure yet."  I guess they don't know about this magic buffer.