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FishyJoe said:

Got to love the Sony fanboys that make a habit of getting the facts wrong.

Further corroboration:,131891-c,companynews/article.html

The shipment numbers count consoles as they leave Sony's factories and include those in warehouses and en route to retailers. The number of consoles sold to retailers stood at around 3.6 million, said Oneda.

hey cut the crap.

To SONY shipped means what is sold to retailers. SOLD to sony means what is sold to consumers.

To MS sold means the consoles which are sold to retailers and not consumers.

this is why they claimed to have sold 10.4 million units last year when there were just 9 million sold to retailers worldwide.

BTW who is ONEDA ??????

why would we believe his/her words.

you can go to online website of SONY and check the meaning of the shipment figures .

NOTE:- on arpril 12th SONY claimed that they shipped 6 m for the info