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Proper (negative) blame:



  • Saturated the Market with discs, which, although pricey and expensive, would go down with time (I got GH:SH for $8 $2 Shipping)
  • Copied features from Harmonix
  • Made an admittedly mediocre outdated Van Halen game
  • Made Band Hero featuring Taylor Swift, Taylor Swift, and more Taylor Swift!
  • Didn't import many songs off of discs that should have been imported
  • Took out celebrities because of controversies with Kurt Cobain and No Doubt
  • Kinda Crappy DLC
  • Has some similar DLC songs as RB

Rock Band:

  • Focused on much more expensive DLC that sells well, but hardly ever gets a discount
  • Copied features from Activision
  • Made a Green Day game
  • Made a Lego Rock Band Game
  • Added too much stuff: no-one wants to sing harmonies 99% of the time, and keyboard? Really? Lowest guy on the totem pole in a Rock Band
  • Tried to make it too real: I am learning real guitar and combining the two like that is a dumb idea, sorry. And RB and Power Gig are picking fights with each other. The commercials sometimes literally come right after another.
  • Made cheaply-built, expensive-to-buy default instruments that broke very easily.
  • Screwed over Australians
  • Screwed over Wii owners
  • Has some similar DLC songs as GH