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It is sad, because the music genre is one of the most fun.  I am especially saddened to see Rock Band 3 not perform strongly. I really had high hopes for Rock Band 3-- and I will still buy this game but the Squier guitar is not out yet.  I was hoping Rock Band 3 would set a trend of music games offering ability to play real instruments.

There have been some great music games I have enjoyed over the years:  Dance Dance Revolution (pretty much obsolete now with games like Just Dance and Dance Central), Taiko Drum Master, Rhythm Heaven, Rock Band, Guitar Hero, and SingStar. 

I still hope to get Rock Band 3 and DefJam Rapstar-- I always thought that the music genre had some of the most innovative games.  It will be sad to see less innovation in this sector now that it has bottomed out.  Plus, I really wanted to see a Led Zeppelin Rock Band game someday.



Most anticipated games of 2011:

Uncharted 3,Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, Rocksmith

Modern Warfare 3, Super Mario 3D