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The Ghost of RubangB said:
richardhutnik said:
The Ghost of RubangB said:

Thank you Activision.  I only hope your 3 Call of Duty games in a year can do the same to the FPS market.

So, what wil the videogame industry have driving it, if the FPS market does the same?  We could be looking at a mini-Crash, kinda like the early 1980s.

I don't believe that the FPS market is driving the industry at all.  If it is, it's driving the industry into a smaller, less diverse, less experimental niche.  I think the market would do fine without FPS games, just like it did before Doom.  We have a constantly expanding and shifting pool of genres, and losing one has never hurt the industry overall.  We have all sorts of new genres and ways to play, and ways to interact with the games, and the market is currently expanding in every direction under the sun, from touchscreen games to motion games to camera games to balance games to Flash games to iPhone games, exercise, dance, you name it.  If there are 3 Call of Duty mega-flops in one year, it would hurt Activision, but it wouldn't hurt the industry.

It won't happen anyway, you are showing a perfect example here: Before Doom. You do know that is has been quite a few years since Doom was made right?? That's like almost half the time we actually play games.  FPS won't ever go away, there will always be a base that is big enough to warrant many titles still being made. I do somewhat like the thought of Activision screwing up again though. Too bad they still have Blizzard.