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Peter Molyneux's BEST game. This was such an awesome could literally spend hours on it. Before LBP brought in "PLAY CREATE SHARE" as a new concept to me....this game had it.

I spent countless hours on this trying to make my new film gross more than the last....trying to groom the stars really well, spoil them and make sure they win awards every time....trying to turn profit each year.....building new sets, researching new technologies. There was so much to do.

Then of course the amazing online community...TheMovies had a web site where users could upload movies they make....people added voiceovers to their movies....then mod communities started and they made their own sets....people made amazing custom Star Wars sets. Then the site had a ranking for highest ranked film, most watched film and so on. It was like a box office and a movie theatre in one....except movies were free to watch. In time people formed review guilds and the forums even hosted their own "unofficial" awards ceremony. Unfortunately the site has been closed down now. But loads of members moved to the unofficial site which has a similar layout.

But some of the films made and uploaded on to the online community were fabulous....I still remember one film which dwelved into prostituition, monarchy and told a touching tale, then the movie based on Cleopatra was awesome....some truly creative people are out there!

The Stunts and Effects expansion packs added in free camera roaming allowing you to really be the "cameraman" which was awesome as it was like actually doing the cinematography for a movie!

This game should have sold 10 times the amount it sold......I still hope there's a "The Movies 2"

Peter Moleyneaux said recently he's NEVER made a "great" game....I disagree with him.

Fav Music:

There's no specific theme or music piece due to the nature of the game

All hail the KING, Andrespetmonkey