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This At the time when it released pokemon fever was at an all time high. EVERYONE loved pokemon....we played it everywhere, at school, while eating breakfast, at night, in the has seen such a phenomenon. 

Now at the time...the mere thought of being able to battle out pokemon in 3D was amazing....and thats what Pokemon Stadium did....I spent countless hours playing this game...over 100 hours. I just had to see each pokemon in 3D, I had to see how "Hydro Burst", "Hyper Beam" and many more attacks I loved looked in 3D.

It also had amazing features like the Pokemon Library (it was like a guide to other pokemon games at your fingertips) and the classroom feature was awesome too because it had tests after it as battles...reminded me of Gran Turismo licences....really addictive!! This game also had some addictive mini games.

It was a game I spent more than 100 hours on....I have only spent more than 100 hours on 3 home console games not called Final Fantasy....this is one of them.

Favourite Music:

Final Boss

All hail the KING, Andrespetmonkey