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y-koron said:

Charts of last week becomes unexpected...


1. FFT (PSP)

2. FF12RW (DS)

3. Super Paper Mario (Wii)

4. Wii Sports (Wii)

5. More Brain Training (DS)

6. Momotaro Electric Railway DS (DS)

7. New Super Mario Bros (DS)

8. Big Brain Academy (Wii)

9. More English Training for Adults (DS)

10. Brain Training (DS)


Almost 2 years from Brain Training was released... But, It is in Top 10.

Take a while the number will be appeared.

Looks like Wii had a small shipment or that Paper Mario have gotten some real word of mouth out. Also nice to see Big Brain Wii.



Buy it and pray to the gods of Sigs: Naznatips!