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larry said:
ioi said:

Simple question - do you think the VG Chartz community is biased?

We often get accused of being a Nintendo-biased site, do you think that's fair? As people have said in these forums, reality is Nintendo biased at the moment - their consoles are selling the best so it's not suprising they are getting most attention, but are you a PS3 / 360 gamer who feels that you can't post here for one reason or another?

Let us know how you feel about this and what you think we could do to improve things if you feel there is a problem...

dont get me wrong but i think it is.

anyone who is pro-SONY gets banned .However posters who "put x360 as a hit in Japan" and "ps3 a flop/dead in europe"/less or as powerful as x360/ps3 is a trash............bla bla bla easily gets away with their posts.

why were HUS and WASHIMUL banned??

why arent posters like these eg dpmnymkrprez gets banned???

all his posts are either anti sony or very pro x360.

MODS:- dont be annoyed but this forum is mostly about SONY bashing.


there is so much wrong with this post it's not funny.

I've never seen anyone say "x360 is a hit in japan." It never happened. People have said it's on track to do better than the Xbox, but no one thinks it's a hit. If someone said that, it would be a clear case of lying.

the "Is PS3 Doomed" thread is a serious issue, PS3 is in trouble, and you can't deny the fact. I've never heard anyone state that it was dead in Europe, in fact most people seem to agree that Europe is Sony's strongest continent, given Nintendo and MS generally perform weak there."Less or as powerful as the 360" is of course another completely valid discussion, I don't see at all why this should be a bannable offense, it is a legitimate topic for discussion (oh sorry, it means the PS3 might not be the zomg magical best device ever, must be banned)

Threads in general talk about issues that come up. There isn't any Sony bashing, just discussion of the future of Sony. Negative comments about Sony are not Sony bashing (ok, maybe there is some Sony bashing), they're simply stating an opinion or a fact (unless it's a lie, of course, but I haven't seen any outright lies against Sony, although I have seen many lies for Sony)

Hus was banned because he was a troll. He said the same derogatory thing over and over again "nin fans are kiddy" and he never contributed anything to any discussions, only ever insulted people and derailed the thread. That is why he got banned. Just because Sony fans get banned doesn't make the forums anti-sony.

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