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DON'T SEGREGATE THE FORUMS! If I wanted to post in a forum circle jerk about how good the Wii/PS3/Xbox360 is then I'd join a Wii/PS3/Xbox360 community. The reason why I decided to join these forums was to be involved in the discussions with everyone from all sides. That's what makes this forum unique, and the day you separate the forums is the day I leave this community. If you guys want to talk in a PS3 forum then go visit a PS3 forum. I think this being forced to live together makes us less extremely fanboyish than most forums, and it's great! please keep the forums together. As for bias of this site, of course there isn't any bias. It may seem that Sony fans have been banned more but that's ecause in general, Sony fans are the most attacking, always bring threads off topic, write things that are simply not true, etc. (In general, DavyGee (sp?) is for instance, a very good and civil Sony fan, although his avatar freaks me out ;) But in general, Sony fans tend to be less civil, and derail threads with stuff about how good Sony's future game lineup is even when that has nothing to do with the topic at hand (Crazzyman I'm looking at you)) Anyway, the only reason people may think there is a bias is because there are more nintendo fans on these forums. There are more nintendo fans on these forums because there are more nintendo fans in the world right now. Of course if people gravitate to a forum randomly then a higher proportion will be Nintendo fans, that's just because there are more people playing Nintendo products than any other right now.

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