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The first  PS3 game in this list, and what a game it is!

I was looking forward to Littlebigplanet and I got it on launch day. It was so much fun playing through the levels made by the developers through online co-op, the most fun I've had on any online game on the PS3!! But that was just the start, as soon as I realized people were making really good levels all I did was play user created levels!! I never expected them to be so good...if you get through the "FREE PRIZES" levels you will come across some hidden gems. One surprise was that the music was really awesome!

LBP kept me occupied for ages after its release, and even now a year later I STILL go on it and see the new levels users have made.....people have come up with stuff that goes way beyond what the developers did in their levels. Its really a game that never really ends....but why is it not higher up then? Well because I didn't like the "CREATE" part of this game which is a big downer and jumping is floaty (lol).

Favourite Music:

Volver a comenzar

The Go! Team

All hail the KING, Andrespetmonkey