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Okay this happened the other night and my old mate dpmnymkrprez made me wanna post this due to his previous thread about believing in aliens and stuff.

Anywho's this will be hard to explain, but basically the other night (Approx. 3 nights ago) I was lying in bed listening to music on my Ipod whilst my Girlfriend was sleeping (around 1am I recall) and I had my eyes open, I saw this weird light come into the room from the window on my Left, (Picture King size bed, I'm lying on the Left side (my left) and window is on the wall to the my left) So this weird and very bright white ball of light enters threw the window and moves up to the ceiling and makes it's way to the left corner of the room farthest away from me, it the stays in the corner for several seconds and then seems to fade out threw the corner and dissapears, weird huh? Kinda freaky too, I woke my gf up straight after.

Also note there is no road near that window and my room is up high (Top floor of a 2 story house).