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Yes another FF game, a spin off this time.....well this is the only spin off in the list, now we only have 7 more FF games left in this list

Crisis Core was an awesome game, my favourite FF spin off. It is a prequel to Final Fantasy VII and told us the tale of Zack, who actually became one of my favourite male FF characters. The story of the game was really good, it was awesome to see Sephiroth on "our side", aerith with Zack, Tifa as a young cowgirl, Angeal/Genesis and cloud!! The game was pure fan service.

But thats not all it also had a good battle system that really only had 1 problem, the weird random wave thingy that spun and stopped at random, it could result in a "summon" taking place, the big problem was that this was random so you might not get it when you fight a boss.....yeah its so random we needed loads of randoms in 1 sentence! Apart from that the battle system was quick, and could keep me hooked.

The music included a few original tracks and many FF7 tracks remixed, all in all the composer remixed the tracks really well, but the new ones he crafted were fabulous! The story itself was pretty gripping and had a nice flow, the dialogue could use work but that doesn't bother me too much. Even though I knew how it ended, I was still really touched by the ending!

It was my fav PSP game till 2 games recently impressed me more!


My fav tracks:

Theme Song - Why?!

The Price Of Freedom

All hail the KING, Andrespetmonkey