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I was surprised by how much I liked this Zelda game.....I hadn't liked a Zelda game this much since Wind Waker. And yes its another controversial game!

Spirit Tracks was a breath of fresh air for me, at the time all I did on my DS was play point and click adventure games or JRPG's.....Spirit Tracks was just so different from either of them. It used the touchscreen controls really well, in intuitive and fun ways. The whole "train controlling" thing was seen as a gimmick by lots of people I know, but I LOVED it....and I LOVED the music while you were on the train. Then Zelda was actually pretty useful in this game....using and directing her added an extra element to the game and made the puzzles more fun!!

It even used the microphone which was used as a "ocarina"....I actually had trouble with this and annoyed Khuutra over it.

This was the zelda game I was waiting for since Wind Waker.......everything just clicked....great music, good enough story, charming style, FUN puzzles, a new type of overworld vehicle!!


Fav song:

Overworld Theme

All hail the KING, Andrespetmonkey