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Ok so my 50th gamehas been posted its:

50. FINAL FANTASY XII ........................................... Final Fantasy 12 

So.....we begin with a Final Fantasy.

Despite being my least favourite in the series Final Fantasy XII was no doubt an excellent game and deserves this place in my top 50!!

Final Fantasy XII was a fresh game, it was extremely different from many of the past games in the series, but thats something which I liked, the series wasn't going to stay was willing to take risks. The gameplay was completely different from past games too, it wasn't turn based and the gambits system was introduced (grinding got less boring!!) and the battles started in real time. The story was a tale more of the world than the characters this time, the over-arching plot was a greater focus in this game, and for the most part it was a good tale. It also introduced two characters I really like, Balthier and Asche. 

But the most impressive feature about this game is its vast world, the size and breadth of the scale of its gigantic towns, maps, dungeons, it really made me question, "How did they pull this off". 

Final Fantasy XII is here for doing well in almost every department it attempts to combine tactical strategy and massively multiplayer in its battle system, and attempts to (although not completely successfully) tell one of the more mature story's that you will find in not only any Final Fantasy, but any JRPG.

It was a fitting goodbye to the PS2!


Here are two of my favourite sound piece from this game:

Official Song - Kiss Me Goodbye

Esper Theme

All hail the KING, Andrespetmonkey