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chapset said:

Sony and Nintendo will stop making console and will develope games for kinect, also people will start selling there wii and ps3 so they can buy more of those quality launch titles coming with kinect







I do agree about the Kinect launch titles, even ioi said (in his interview with Pachter) that Kinect and Move don't have anything like Wii Sports to keep SUSTAINED great sales


the 360 and PS3 fanboys will be very disappointed after Christmas when Kinect and Move sales will drop like a rock, because casual gamers will think "wow, I thought this was really cool in the beginning, but man these games are shitty, can I return this piece of junk?!?" 



but seriously.....Kinect and Move will be fads, flavor of the month,

 there's no decent software on them, and nothing like Wii Sports