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Cross-X said:

Smeags could you add another rule?

Not bitching about why X Game is in someone's list and asking people here "omg X game was crap. Can't believe it's in someone's Top 50", etc blah blah blah.

Trust me, someone is going to say that if you don't make that rule.

Oh, I'm fully aware that that will happen. It happened when I was on the other site that did this, and it'll definitely happen here. People don't seem to realize that this is a "Favorite 50" thread, and that every game someone posts is loved. Oh well...

But yes, I'll add some rules to this thread (no reason posting it over there) to make sure that we all have a good time. I love me some good discussion (So Darth, what's your reasoning for placing MGS4 at number 50? I thought you loved it more than that?) and will definitely report silly bickering (olol Smeags! The Fight: Lights Out is teh suxxorz!)